In jobs where you are exposed to flame, molten metal, or electric arc hazards, you may be required to wear fire resistant clothing. It is made with specialized materials that can resist ignition when exposed to flames. Fire resistant clothing is a type of protective gear that is designed to protect the wearer from fire and heat-related injuries. It is made from special materials that are able to resist heat and flames, and are often used in a variety of different industries and professions.

Fire-resistant clothing is made from special materials that have been treated with flame-retardant chemicals or woven in a way that makes them resistant to flames. These materials have the ability to withstand higher temperatures before melting or igniting, and do not transfer heat as easily as standard fabrics.

Flame resistant clothing is ideal for those working in industries that are at risk of fire exposure. These professions include welding, electrical, oil and gas, and more. 

Fire-resistant clothing is an important safety measure that can protect workers from burns and other injuries caused by heat and flames. It provides several benefits, including increased safety, compliance with safety regulations, durability, and comfort. As technology advances, fire-resistant clothing continues to become more effective and comfortable, making it an essential tool for workplace safety.

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