Stay updated on the new Colorado regulations for handheld outdoor power equipment.

Effective Summer of 2025

Who does this effect?

  • Landscapers

  • Tree Services

  • Lawn Care

  • Gardeners

What does this regulation do?

The rule restricts the use of handheld and push gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment for local, state, and federal governments only during summer months. Summer is the season when ground-level ozone pollution formation is highest.

For local governments, the rule applies:

  • Only in the ozone nonattainment area

  • Only to equipment below 10 horsepower

We Carry Brands You Trust:

in Battery-Powered, Commercial-Grade Landscaping Equipment

Reasons for switching from gas to battery powered equipment other than ozone reduction:


Longer Life

Most gas powered equipment has a 90 day warranty.

Most battery powered has a minimum 2 year warranty.

More Power

Gas powered equipment losses 3% of power for every 1,000 feet of altitude, so at 5,280 feet you start with 15% less power.

Battery powered equipment maintains full power regardless of the altitude


Safer than transporting gasoline filled container.

No chance for equipment damage from the mixture of gasoline and oil not being correct.

Milwaukee Battery-Powered Equipment that complies with the

New Colorado Air Quality Control Commision Regulations

Articles and Rescources

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