On April 17th, 2024, two ambassadors from CS Unitec, Jerry and Scott, traveled from Connecticut to AIS in Denver, CO to introduce our new line to the AIS team. 

They offer a line of unique specialty tools in concrete mixing, drilling, and grinding. They also carry a line of spark-free hand tools and magnetic drills with the longest drill strokes in the industry. 

The AIS team got to try out the concrete edge grinder and diamond core drills, which were both big hits at the world of concrete convention in Las Vegas this year. They were impressed by the quality and strength of these tools. 

The concrete edge grinder is a revolutionary product in the concrete industry. It allows the ability to grind concrete in corners and tight areas which traditional grinders cannot reach. In the past, if a tradesman wanted to get a corner grinded, they would resort to manually grinding down the concrete with items such as bricks. With this new product, projects and jobs can be finished more efficiently. 

We also tested out a rough demo of this graffiti remover/handheld grinder. It took our inside salesman Eric, a single minute to remove our homemade graffiti from this concrete block. We anticipate that this will be a popular item to remove graffiti around the city. 


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