AIS recently partnered with STIHL outdoor power equipment. We will have you ready for spring cleaning with our impressive in-store collection of STIHL trimmers, leaf blowers, tillers, power washers, and a variety of chainsaws to meet your landscaping needs.

If you’re a homeowner or a professional, equipment such as a chainsaw can be a versatile and powerful tool to have in your arsenal. From cutting down trees to trimming branches, there are a variety of tasks that a chainsaw can make easier and more efficient. However, with so many different STIHL models and types to choose from, it can be challenging to choose the right chainsaw for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some key factors to consider when selecting a chainsaw, and offer some recommendations based on your specific needs.

Determine your usage level:

Due to the high variety and different levels of STIHL saws available, we’ll need to determine the type of use, elevation, and whether there is a preference for Gas or Battery.  Questions such as “What is the diameter of wood you’ll be cutting, and how much of it do you plan on cutting?” will help us ensure that you’ll end up with the appropriate model to meet the needs of the task.  We have everything from occasional use to professional use models.  So if you’re only planning on using it occasionally for light tasks such as pruning branches or occasionally cutting firewood, then an occasional use chainsaw will be a good fit. These chainsaws are designed to be lightweight, have easy to use features, and are typically more affordable than other models. Two example models for these respective uses would be the STIHL MSA140C, MS 180 and the STIHL MS 250.  Oftentimes people overestimate the amount of power and length they need in a chainsaw, however if it is determined that an intermediate farm and ranch to professional level saw is needed, then saws from the MSA 220T, MS 291 to the MS 500i would be the better option as these models offer much higher performance, more options, and are designed to handle more demanding and commercial use tasks like arborist pruning and tree felling.

Look at the features:

The next step once identifying the type of use is to look at the features that will make for a more personal fit.  For example, features such as, STIHL quick chain adjustment and Easy Start, Anti-vibration systems to reduce operator fatigue, translucent oil and fuel tanks to easily check fluid levels, STIHL M-Tronic self-adjusting carburetors and STIHL Fuel Injection, are all things that can make a huge difference in efficiency and comfort.

Personal Protective Equipment:

Regardless of the chainsaw you choose and use, it’s important to outfit yourself or your crew with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).  When considering the degree of safety that needs to be maintained when using a chainsaw, it is of the utmost importance to protect yourself.  To ensure that these needs are also met, we carry an assortment of protective helmets that include hearing protection and face protection, as well as STIHL safety glasses, gloves, and chaps.  Chaps are a crucial safety item to have in your collection. Our STIHL chaps are made of cut-retardant material designed to reduce the risk or severity of injury to the body parts covered by the chaps in the event of contact with the rotating saw chain of a gasoline-powered chainsaw. Watch a demonstration on STIHL protective chaps here: STIHL Protective Chaps Demonstration | STIHL Safety – YouTube

Based on the factors above, here are some chainsaw recommendations for different use:

Occasional Use STIHL Chainsaws:

STIHL MSA 140 (Battery operated)





Mid-Range STIHL Chainsaws:



STIHL MSA 300 (Coming soon! The most powerful battery saw on the market)

STIHL MS 311 and 391


Professional-Use STIHL Chainsaws:

STIHL MSA 220T (Battery operated Top handle Arborist pruning saw)

STIHL MS 362 (Wrap handle and M-Tronic are available)

STIHL MS 462 (Wrap handle and M-Tronic are available)

STIHL MS 500i (Fuel Injected chainsaw)


Selecting the right chainsaw for your needs requires some careful consideration. By thinking about your usage level, the size and type of job you’ll be doing, and the features and safety gear you need, you can find a chainsaw that will make your tasks easier and more efficient. And with the impressive collection of STIHL equipment available at AIS, you’ll be sure to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs.



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