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Capital Safety DBI SALA in Denver by AIS Industrial Construction Supply

Capital Safety is the world leaders in personal fall protection and rescue equipment.

DBI-SALA has been providing the best in fall protection systems and equipment for over 25 years, and Protecta pioneered many of the concepts that are now mainstays of modern fall protection over 50 years ago and is handled locally by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply.

Capital Safety DBI SALA in Denver is focused on producing systems that protect workers on job sites and keep them safe in potentially dangerous environments which is why AIS Industrial Construction Supply offers their line to our customers.

Capital Safety DBI-SALA has developed a complete line of safety systems and products that have been thoroughly tested and certified to the most rigorous standards issued by OSHA, ANSI, and standards organizations worldwide.

If your work requires fall protection equipment to keep you and your employees safe then give AIS Industrial Construction Supply a call at 303-355-2391 Today.

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