Dogs of AIS


Every Friday, our team brings their dogs to the office to celebrate the weekend. Here are some of our most regular visitors and their stories!


Chihuahua Jack Rusell

Nala’s original name was Sally.  She was a year and a half old when my daughter Kirsten adopted her from the Dumb Friends League.  Kirsten was living with us at the time and she smuggled Nala into the house.  We figured out something was up when we started seeing dog stuff in Kirsten’s room.   The first time I saw Nala in her kennel I knew she was going to be so good for our family.   Nala is now as much a part of our family as our kids.   Every night she greets me at the garage door so enthusiastically on her home legs with her front legs and tongue going a mile a minute.  In the middle of the night I can reach over to give her a pet and she doesn’t seem to mind. 

I thank God every day for Nala.



Odin is a Papillon and was found in a box that was left in a pumpkin patch. He came unexpectedly, but was gladly accepted into his family that “waits for the universe to give them something to take care of”. Odin communicates what he wants in a funny way. He will get your attention then point at what he wants with his nose. Whether he wants treats, walks, or to go outside he will make sure you know.


Shepherd Mix

Meet Buddy, an 11-year-old Shepherd Mix who found his forever home when he was adopted from Petsmart as a rescue. It was a fateful day when he leaped into Lewis’s lap as a tiny puppy, instantly melting his heart and sealing their bond. Since then, Buddy has been employing that irresistible move to his advantage. The decision to name him Buddy was made when Lewis couldn’t help but affectionately call him that, and his wife suggested they make it his official name.

Buddy’s mischievous side once revealed itself during a visit to the hair salon, where the stylist insisted he be freed from his leash. Seizing the opportunity, Buddy stealthily snuck around and managed to snatch the hairstylist’s breakfast burrito right off her desk. It was a testament to Buddy’s undeniable love for food, a passion that brings him immense joy.


Applehead Chihuahua

Bird is a 3 year old Applehead Chihuahua. He was adopted from the Denver Animal Shelter that works with the Dumb Friends League. Bird was the runt of his litter and was originally a foster pet, but that changed quickly when they decided to keep him after his first day. Mexican culture says that Applehead Chihuahuas are good for asthma and anxiety and bird has proven to help with both. Bird has many nicknames including Thunderbird, T-bird, Tiny Hiney, and fun police, because he likes to boss around the bigger dogs. At work he’s always the life of the party.


Long Hair Doxen

Bean is a 3 years old Doxen and was adopted at 16 weeks from a breeder. He likes to wear sweaters and he talks. If you talk to him he will talk back.