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Ice Melt Denver offered by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply

In Salt Lake City Utah, CP Industries will experience an average of over 500 inches of snowfall every year, so they are more than just a little familiar with snow and ice. Also surrounded by some of the nation’s most spectacular wilderness, they are more than a little sensitive to environmental concerns.

This is what makes CP Industries’ products so unique. And that’s why for more than 50 years they have been manufacturing the most powerful, non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly ice melters to protect people, pets and property.

With their engineering laboratory, CP Industries has spent years developing and testing proprietary formulas that work faster, longer and safer than any other products on the market.

Maybe that is why their ice melt products are requested more often by cities, counties, states and federal agencies and why national corporations, major universities and residential consumers across the nation trust CP Industries’ products to tackle even the most challenging snow and ice.



Ice Melt Denver
NOW Only $14.95 plus tax.

Premiere Ice Melter® Combining the highest levels of protection and affordability.

Designed for commercial and residential customers concerned with protecting assets and vegetation, Premiere Ice Melter delivers anti-corrosion power in a more economical form. Effective to -8°F (-22°C) Virtually non-corrosive to metal and concrete.

Safer for people, animals and vegetation. NSF approved, non-toxic, 50 lb. box.

·Effective to -8°F (-22°C)
·Patented formula with Pro-Tec Plus® and CMA®
·Contain vegetation enhancers and protectors
·Virtually non-corrosive to metal and concrete
·Safer for people, animals and vegetation*
·NSF approved, non-toxic

*When used as directed



Superior Sno N Ice Melter®

The safest, most powerful de-icer. Effective to -20°F (-29°C) Will not damage carpet, leather, or floors.

Safe for use around pets and vegetation. Designed for those with a focus on performance as well as protection. Superior Sno-N-Ice is a must for anyone concerned with safeguarding concrete, metal or vegetation. 50 lb. box.

Effective to -20°F (-28°C)
·Patented synergistic formula with Meltium® and CMA®
·Non-corrosive to metal and concrete
·Contain vegetation enhancers and protectors
·Safe for people, animals and vegetation*
·Long lasting to prevent freeze-thaw-refreeze cycles
·Unlimited shelf life (never cakes or clumps)
·Does not damage leather or carpets
·NSF approved, non-toxic

*When used as directed



Semi-PRO High Output Broadcast Spreader

Outperforms all other spreaders of its size and price. Features a big 65 lb. hopper capacity, rust-proof construction and EV-N-SPRED®. High Output shut-off system. 9″ high-flotation pneumatic tires.


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