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Fein Tools Denver offered by AIS Industrial & Construction Supply

Since 1867 FEIN has invented and devloped power tools that stand for maximum quality, performance and durability. To make your daily work go faster and easier.

Fein DenverFEIN has been among the world’s leading power tool manufacturers for over 140 years and that is why AIS Industrial & Construction Supply is a distributor of their products in the Denver, Colorado area. FEIN continues to pay attention to its own demand of only developing high quality power tools.

The durability, reliability, quality and precision of our tools ensure that our power tools withstand even the toughest continuous use. In addition, there is an extensive range of special accessories that is precisely matched to previously defined applications and guarantees the best possible results in professional hands.

From coarse grinding to mirror finish, in steel construction, ship building or foundries, for precision drilling with hand-held rotary drilling machines or with semi-stationary core drilling systems and everywhere metal construction is manufactured and processed, application solutions from FEIN prove their unrivaled performance and durability.

Whether high volume screw driving in drywall work, wood assembly followed by surface treatment, installation or removal of HVAC equipment and, naturally, interior construction from basement to attic, you will find the ideal equipment for every interior construction requirement in the FEIN product line.

This page, Fein Denver was created for those searching about information concerning Fein tools in the Denver area and AIS Industrial & Construction Supply will be happy to serve your needs with finding the right tool for your project. Fein Denver is the right place to get a great deal on quality tools. Call us Today 303-355-2391


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