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Who is Sparky?

Sparky’s real name is Chewy and he rides along with Dave, one of our drivers as he makes his deliveries to our customers in the Fort Collins, Greeley and Longmont area.

We have adopted Sparky as our official mascot and we look forward to seeing him every day in our Denver office.

Be the first on your block to get a coupon for a genuine “Sparky the AIS Dog” coffee mug to be redeemed at our Denver showroom location!

Sparky attends RIDGID Road Show with Aspen Lea, RIDGID Calendar Girl

Sparky is pictured with Aspen Lea , RIDGID Calendar Girl for Jan/Feb 2012.

Sparky makes his rounds even at the RIDGID Road Show hosted at our main office location on May the 2nd.

Tool demonstrations, good food, and great deals were the order of the day.

If you missed this event then Sparky says you need to be at our next hosted event to have a great time while learning about the tools and services that can help make your next project safer, easier, faster and more economical to boot!

Visit AIS to find out what Great Customer Service is all about when it comes to your Industrial and Construction Supply needs.

Christmas Sparky
Sparky Truck
Sparky Truck