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Ergodyne 6095 Misting System by AIS Industrial and Construction Supply Denver

SHAX® 6095 Misting System at AIS in Denver – ONLY $98.95

VIDEO: “How to Setup and Use the Ergodyne SHAX® 6095 Misting System”

SHAX® 6010 Lightweight Tent Shelter – ONLY $139.00 (Not Included – See Summer Flier page 2 for details)

Ergodyne Product Video – SHAX® 6095 Misting System 6095 2 Gallon Orange Misting System 6095

6095 2 gal misting system ErgodyneFully portable, 2-gallon (7.6L) tank with pressurized hand pump, hose connection, and 25 feet (7.62m) of tubing with 8 brass nozzles. Provides a super fine mist to help you cool down on the dog days of summer.

Heavy-duty plastic 2G (7.6L) tank with top funnel for easy (re)filling
High performance pump with glove-sized handle
Safety locking pressure-release valve *maximum pressure capacity of 40 PSI
25′ (7.62M) hose and 8 nozzles for multiple installation options
Each set of pumps can provide up to 20 min. of misting
Continuous misting with hose connection
Hook-and-loop straps included for easy attachment to tent frame


When Mother Nature cranks up the heat and shade alone just won’t cut it, Ergodyne has you covered with the SHAX® 6095 Misting System. The first of its kind in the safety industry, this is the perfect compliment to rest and shade.

This Ergodyne misting system comes standard with a two-gallon water tank, a high-performance pressure pump, and a hose connection, 25 feet of tubing with 8 brass nozzles, and 8 hook-and-loops straps to attach it to a tent frame.

Ergodyne Shelter Misting System
Ergodyne SHAX® with the Misting System in use.

Whether pressurized using the fill-and-pump method or the hose connection, it produces a super fine mist for instant cooling relief. Depending on your access to water, you can either fill the tank first or attach the system directly to the tent frame.

If you choose to fill up first, unscrew the pump by pushing the handle all the way down and lightly twisting counterclockwise to lock. Once locked, twist the piece counterclockwise to remove the entire pump mechanism. Fill with water to the 2-gallon line, but don’t overfill. Replace pump mechanism and twist clockwise to tighten.

To assemble, attach the nozzles by threading the female end of tubing through the male coupling on the water tank. Tighten the bell cap completely, but don’t overdo it, tough guy.

Using the provided hook-and-loop straps, now you can install the system by attaching the tubing to the tent frame. Twist the nozzle heads to tighten and aim them to your misting direction of choice.

To pressurize your system, first ensure that the blue on/off switch is in the “off” position. Then unlock the handle by twisting lightly until it can be pulled upward.

Now it’s time to pump it up. This will build pressure in the tank – once it becomes difficult to pump, the tank is fully pressurized. Flip the blue on/off switch to “on” to begin misting.

Ergodyne misting valve
Ergodyne Misting System Valve allows you to twist the nozzle heads to control flow and
aim them to your misting direction of choice.

To skip the fill-and-pump method, connect a garden hose to the hose connection. Make sure the pump handle is securely locked, then turn the hose on and fill to the 2-gallon line. Pressure will begin to build automatically.

Once the tank is full or nearly full, turn the nozzles on. The system has an automatic smart pressure valve that will prevent the flow of water into the tank once maximum capacity has been reached and you can run it continuously.

In this configuration, the misting system can run until the water runs dry and can be turned on and off using the blue switch on the nozzles.

Depressurize the tank by removing the pump. Store it in a bag, a truck bed, or wherever else you may need it.

6095 Misting System Flier
SHAX® Misting System – Flier

6095 Misting System Instructions

SHAX® Misting System – Instructions

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